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World Property Management is an international full service real estate management firm that provides world class service to commercial and residential property investors, brokers, agents and corporate entities worldwide. With over 15 years of experience managing global real estate projects, the company is able to meet the complex investment needs of both entrepreneurs and multinational corporations. The company has been innovating and providing cutting edge property management technology and services since its establishment. As an internationally accredited member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIP), the company is able to provide a wealth of knowledge and resources to the property investing community.

Established in 1995 by David Taylor and Barry Wearmouth, the company now employs over 400 individuals with extensive industry experience in real estate investment, management and development. The company prides itself in retaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism in all of its property management programs and practices. In fact, all of the real estate associates at the company have undergone a comprehensive background examination and have passed several background checks. The company also prides itself on hiring only the most qualified individuals for various positions at its facilities. Through its Property Solutions Program, the company is able to aid its associates in achieving their individual goals. Real Estate Consulting is a vital component of the company’s core business.

Real estate management is one of the largest markets in the United Kingdom, with a turnover rate of more than three billion pounds per annum. Due to the size of the market and the fluctuations in property values, there are a multitude of options available to property investors and property managers. With properties ranging from apartment buildings to condominiums to land, the opportunities to invest are practically limitless. However, without a strong understanding of the property market and the property financing process, investors and property managers risk losing large sums of money due to investment mistakes, unqualified investments and lack of proper financing strategies. The property financing process is made easier through the company’s Property Investing Solution (PIS).

PIS is the property investment division of the World Property Solutions. With the help of PIS, property managers and investors are provided with the information they need to make sound property investment decisions. Property investment specialists from the company analyze investment proposals, as well as the financial and legal aspects involved with acquiring property.

As one of the leading real estate investment companies in the United Kingdom, the company has an experienced team of investment management consultants who can provide valuable advice to investors and property managers. Property consultants from the company are experts in the field of commercial property, owner occupancies, leasehold improvements, capital improvements and tenants. They are constantly updating their clients on the latest property trends and laws. The consultants are constantly traveling to different countries in order to gain new knowledge about the property market.

As one of the biggest property groups in the United Kingdom, the company is able to meet the investment needs of a wide range of property owners and developers. With PIS, the company facilitates and enhances the best practices in property management. The investment strategy of the company is based on attracting long-term tenants and owners and creating a high return on investment for all investors.