World Property Mogul

Women hold up only two-thirds of the world’s population and one-thirds of the work force, yet they own only one percent of the world’s property and earn less than one-fifth of the world’s income. They also comprise eighty-five percent of all working hours. They also have only twenty-two percent of the world’s children. Clearly women are a large and powerful force in the economy; but what are they doing with their money?

Most women I know live in countries where poverty is the norm. They must work to support their families and keep a roof over their heads. Raising children and feeding them is very expensive. And, as any mother will tell you, having a husband and two or more working adults is physically demanding on your time, mental stress and energy. In some cultures, a woman is considered less desirable that a male child, so women tend to limit themselves to a career during marriage and then take whatever employment they can get after marriage.

What most women do not realize is that they are a major contributor to deforestation. The average woman’s impact on the environment is four times greater than her contributions to family income. This imbalance of environmental impact and family income has led to conflicts over resources like water, forests, and natural wildlife. Women’s rights are being abused by men and companies both large and small.

Two of the most endangered species on earth are the African giraffe and the South African rhino. The giraffe is at risk of becoming extinct soon. The South African rhino has been threatened with extinction since 1980. It is estimated that more than thirty five percent of its current population is threatened either being eaten by lions, rants, chimps, hyenas, or humans.

One of the most neglected groups of women on the planet is the urban poor. Urban women often work in industries, such as child care, which does not provide them with financial freedom. They also spend most of their time running a household, collecting money, taking care of their families, and selling goods to support their needs. Women have very low self esteem and low economic status, and thus end up becoming prostitution victims.

World property moguls such as Warren Buffet and Donald Trump are making women equal to men. Women need to be respected, compensated for their hard work, and have the same rights as men. This can only happen when society decides to eliminate poverty and concentrate on the alleviation of world wide environmental problems. Only then will women’s impact on the world be seen in a positive light.