World Property Listings

World Property magazine is a leading independent online publication that reaches millions of readers across the world. It is published by the World Association of Estate Professionals (WAEPS) and is accessible from a website. The monthly magazine provides an extensive range of feature articles on vital real estate topics of interest to property buyers and investors. In addition, the magazine features top articles on global economics, the property industry, housing, technology and more. The magazine can be downloaded from the website and sent through letter or electronic mail.

World Property carries a variety of special features and content to enhance its reader’s experience, such as: Digital Journalist, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Property Listings and Comparisons, Trends in Commercial Real Estate, Insider Notes and more. Digital Journalist is an online digital journal which publishes original research and articles on real estate topics of interest. Its goal is to contribute to building knowledge in the market for both residential and commercial properties both in the US and internationally. Digital Journalist distributes real estate information across the globe through websites and regular mail.

The world’s leading real estate information provider, the digital journal, W.P. Review, is also available at no charge at a nominal subscription fee. It carries important articles on important real estate topics of interest to vacation property buyers and investors. The digital journal can be subscribed online through PayPal and sent through regular mail. A monthly electronic newsletter from W.P. Review is sent to subscribers.

Apartment listing service is another valuable source of information to property investors. Apartment property listings offer valuable information about properties in different cities. Apartment listing services provide property listing information for apartment buildings, townhouses, multiple unit buildings and other types of housing accommodations. Apartments are categorized according to age, square footage, amenities and the proximity of the facilities. They also have information regarding vacancies available and details about the area in which the apartment is located.

Real estate business magazines are great resources for investors and property owners. The value of these business magazines is directly proportional to the value of the real estate they contain. Investors can subscribe to relevant property publications depending on their interests and preferences. Popular magazines include Consumer Reports Property Guide and National Apartment Association. They also include useful information on the latest trends in real estate investment.

Another valuable source of investment tips and information is the World Wide Web. Online, one can find valuable information on world property trends, property management and property investing. The web can be used as a medium for searching different real estate websites. They contain valuable information on world trend of property, new developments and properties on sale.