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Property Investors & Property Managers

World Property Management is the leading full service property management provider in India. Our commitment to each property client/owner is to offer value added services and best practices to guide them towards financial freedom through property investment. Our approach is completely different from that of traditional estate agents as we believe that all Real Estate agents are only good at selling properties. Our role as a Property Manager is to provide the support needed by the owner/developer to ensure a sound investment which will generate a strong ROI. All property managers have been certified by us and have gained an MBA in Property Investment and Business Management.

Our Mission is to Build and Maintain independent and objective eyes for each property market in India. We build a team of experts who understand the changing trends of realty sector. They form an ecosystem of communication between the investors and the Property Managers who effectively manage the investments. Our core responsibility is to deliver a seamless property buying and selling experience for our clients.

In India there are many property investors who look out for reputed Property Managers, who can take care of their project from start to finish. So before selecting a Property Manager for any of your projects, make sure that you check their credibility, track record and past accomplishments. You need to feel that this Managers understands your goals and expectations, and provide you with a holistic view, so that your investment decisions are made in the context of the current and future needs of the property. You must feel that the manager is taking all steps to ensure that your project is progressing in the planned manner.

Apart from providing the necessary support and guidance, a Property Manager should also be able to help you in bettering your investor relations skills. The property market in India is highly competitive and investors need to identify their target market to ensure a positive ROI. As a Property Manager you would be the advocate for your investor, which would not only help you in achieving your ROI objective, but also open new doors of opportunity for you and your investor. You will be responsible for communicating the positive aspects of the project to the target investors and this will be an added value to your portfolio.

As an investor you can leverage your own investment in your projects, by appointing a Property Manager to work on your behalf. In addition, the Property Manager will play a key role in handling negotiations with the prospective tenants/owners and they can also handle the closing procedures. As a Property Manager in India you will have a range of projects available, which include commercial, residential and industrial properties. If you find it hard to choose a project for yourself, then you can even hire a Property Manager for specific projects so that you get a fair idea of what type of property you are interested in investing in. They can help you understand the current trends in the property market and give you a fair idea about the different models that are available in the current real estate market.

As part of property investor relations, it is important to select a Property Manager for your projects who is well versed in the field. Property managers or brokers have their own distinct sets of skills, which include negotiating, monitoring, maintaining quality assurance and ownership verification. This is why it is important to choose someone who is well versed with the various aspects of the property market as well as the different models available in the market. To be on the safe side it is recommended to appoint someone who is an expert in property research and has a proven track record in developing strategic alliances with international property investors.