Who controls World Property?

Who controls World Property? Who is the World Property Owners? Well, who are the World Property Owners of the World? Well, who are the World Property Owners of the World as a whole? The answer as it pertains to the question of who owns the World depends on who you ask. There is no one organization that governs who owns […]

Investing in Property

Property in the legal sense is what you own or with what something is, whether as a physical feature or as part of that thing. For example, one has an estate which contains a house and other fixtures/real property there. If the owner dies, the property will go to his surviving children or relatives. This can be seen in wills […]

Investing in World Property

The world property market is a place that houses some of the biggest investments. People have been attracted to the potential for earning money and the large sums of cash that can be made by investing in this type of venture. As long as people are willing to put their money into something, there will be someone who will try […]

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Investing Business

Real estate is the buying and selling of a particular property. Real estate investments can either be residential (house), commercial or industrial. Real estate investment is the profit made by making a profit by the sale of a certain type of property. There are a lot of real estate investments that you can make, and the amount of money that […]

What Is Property?

The mere mention of property conjures up visions of crowded, dirty and run down apartments; rundown motels; dilapidated houses that are run down to the ground; and people living in them because they cannot afford to pay their mortgages. In reality, the property is a little more complex than that. Property in the real sense is what belongs to, with […]

World Property Investment

If you are an investor who is looking for a way to diversify his assets and make it grow, then investing in world property is one of the options. Today there are many investments that are turning out to be lucrative for the people. The prices of some properties are increasing by the day. However, there are still a number […]

Different Types of Real Estate

Different Types of Real Estate Real estate is property comprising of the structures and land on it, and its accompanying natural resources including water, plants or minerals; immovable real estate; a lien upon the same, in exchange for an equivalent sum of money. The various types of real estate are: property for investment, commercial, residential, industrial, retail, recreational, mobile home […]

Which Nation Has the Most World Property?

The World Property Cup is an annual competition hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This competition aims to increase the awareness of developing countries about the importance of protecting their unique World Wide Web and increasing trade through it. In 2021, there are twenty nations participating in the bidding. Here is a list of those countries and their […]